There are two ways to reach the global marketplace: by directly developing local content , or by creating global content that is subsequently localized. In the case of a powerful commercial tool with significant exposure, as is the internet, developing and maintaining up-to-date local content can be a difficult task. For sites with a large share of dynamic content, the difficulty increases exponentially.

Moreover, well-known companies such as Adobe and eBay, which are used to addressing global audiences, are well aware that three quarters of their potential customers prefer to receive information (and especially to make purchases and receive support services) in their own language. Will this change in the face of an increasingly globalized future? Probably. But in the meantime, if you want to promote what you are offering on such a large scale – taking advantage of the idea that the Internet can reach almost everyone in the world – efforts will have to be made to locate the contents of your website. The plug-in is the ideal solution if you choose as your Content Management System (CMS).

Trusted Translations has partnered with WPML to deliver high-quality professional translations for websites created using WordPress . You can make your website available in multiple languages ​​to expand your brand image and offer your products and services in multiple countries.

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